Multimedia in AMBOSS

See it. 
Then diagnose and treat it.

AMBOSS integrates media directly into its articles so you can spot pertinent findings faster and decide on the next best step.

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Care for patients with the help of visual aids

Use AMBOSS’ integrated media to get to treating right away

Integrated imaging examples
Improve your confidence in identifying abnormal findings with example x-rays, ultrasounds, and more

Follow the flowcharts
Figure out your next best step and optimal management plan

Captions for every image
Get detailed explanations that highlight defining features of conditions or diseases

Understand exactly what you’re seeing with Overlays

AMBOSS explains what you are looking for and where to look, so you can better interpret your patient's images.
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How to use in AMBOSS

  • 1. Search for condition or disease

  • 2. Navigate to search results and the media tab

  • 3. Browse available media or open the AMBOSS article

  • 4. Scroll to the section you need

  • 5. Find the imaging

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