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AMBOSS is designed for residents who need fast and trusted clinical answers while juggling emergencies and getting hammer-paged. Every second counts.

  • Management Checklists
  • Diagnostic Algorithms
  • Drug Dosing
  • Red Flag Signs
  • Differential Diagnoses
  • Emergency Evaluation
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Your Second Brain

We'll help you navigate the vast and growing amount of medical knowledge to bring the right information into action when you need it, whether you're on night float, in the ED, or on ICU days.

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Diagnostic flowcharts, management checklists, drug dosing, calculators, red flags and more.

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Our content is organized for practical application and quick decisions.

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Bad WiFi in your hospital? Our app works offline, too.

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Knowing everything is impossible.

No one expects your brain to work like Google. We're here to help you navigate a ton of information with an evidence-based, peer-reviewed, wiki-like platform.

Our editorial team is a mix of residents and board-certified specialists who've been through it all. We think like you.

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Over 35,000 physicians use AMBOSS for clinical decision support

When you need fast answers

“UpToDate is great when you have time to read through an article or need in-depth information for complex management decisions, but during crunch time when I require fast answers on the basics, AMBOSS has become my go-to.”

Tasmia Ahmed MD, Family Medicine

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Trusted content & powerful tools

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Peer reviewed by 50 physicians

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1,000+ articles

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Integrated multimedia

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Red flag signs

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Diagnostic algorithms

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Differential diagnoses

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QxMD calculator integration

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Management checklists

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Drug dosing

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Emergency approaches

Every medical decision counts

See why your resident colleagues are turning to AMBOSS to get the right clinical answers.

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