The AMBOSS-Anki Crash Course

Ready, set, Anki

Your step-by-step guide to becoming an Anki pro. Level up your study game with these pointers from the ultimate Anki expert—the AnKing. 


Meet your guide

After creating the wildly effective AnKing decks and scoring 260+ on Step 1 and Step 2, who better to learn from than the AnKing himself? He'll walk you through:

• An intro to Anki as a study tool

• How to most effectively use Anki throughout med school 

 • Using foundational study techniques to combine AMBOSS & Anki

 • An exclusive look into the Anki Mastery Course 

Dive into the series

The 5-part crash course covers each of these topics (in 5 minutes or less!):

Quick & easy tutorials that cover everything you need to get started

Pro study tips from the AnKing & Anki community for every skill level

Advice for effective study habits using an integrated toolset

Anatomy of an add-on: why we built this

Simply, because it works.

Backed by peer-reviewed research and the USMLE exam performances of thousands of students, spaced repetition is a proven method for effective knowledge retention and success in med school. Any resource, which is open source and offers students such a benefit, is one we can get behind. Reason enough, for us to join forces with Anki. 

You asked, we delivered.

Taking it a few years back, we received hundreds of feedback requests from students looking to combine their Anki flashcards with our comprehensive learning platform. It's part of our AMBOSS philosophy to incorporate ideas from students to create better study tools. Since we aim to constantly evolve to meet students' needs, the AMBOSS add-on for Anki was a no-brainer.

The wizards behind the magic

Meet some of the brains (and personalities!) that created the AMBOSS add-on.

“I love that we support an existing community of learners, and that we can connect them directly to the amazing content created by our medical experts here at AMBOSS. If I can build a vehicle that really lets their hard work and passion shine through, that’s so cool. Finding better ways to learn has always fascinated me, and I’m excited to see that the combination of spaced repetition with instant access to the entire body of AMBOSS knowledge, in context, at the right level of detail, works so well for a lot of people. I love working in a team where I get to make that possible.”

Yann, Software engineer

“As someone who's studying medicine, I know how difficult it can be to deal with the workload. Anything that can help you reduce that and be more efficient – well it feels really rewarding to create something like that. This goes especially for bringing Anki and AMBOSS together, as both have been trusty companions throughout my own studies. Also from a community perspective, being able to take something that is collaboratively created, all these decks and cards, and being able to enrich that with information, feels like being part of something bigger.”

Aristotelis, Glutanimate

Download the AMBOSS Add-on for Anki in just a click

Crash course complete and ready to jump in?
To download the AMBOSS add-on, just copyand paste the following code into Anki.


The code has been copied to your clipboard!

Troubleshooting Tips

  • • The add-on is compatible with Anki 2.1.26 and higher and their standard builds. You can download the latest version here.

  • • It is now also available for your iOS and Android mobile devices! Learn how to enable mobile support here.

  • • It’s free to try, but you do need an AMBOSS account. Create one now — it takes less than a minute.

  • • The add-on works with any Anki deck.

  • • Make sure you’re using the official AMBOSS add-on which can only be downloaded from this page. If you’ve downloaded it from anywhere else, please contact customer support from our Help Center.

  • Looking for more technical information on the add-on or running into issues? You can find answers in our Help Center.

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