Hello, EMSA MedEd Officers!

Join us for a webinar about AMBOSS.


AMBOSS is a long-overdue and much needed addition to modern medical education. The content is clear, concise and easy to navigate, and the mobile app saves valuable time on the wards. The user-interface is a pleasure to work with, offering clear and concise descriptions of different topics with extremely helpful accompanying images and illustrated descriptions. ”

 - Brian McKinlay - University of Glasgow, United Kingdom


Dear EMSA Medical Education Officers,

Join us for a special webinar to hear more about AMBOSS, exchange ideas with our physicians and educators, and learn more about potential Test Campus Licenses for your group!

Our AMBOSS Physicians will be hosting two webinars for EMSA Medical Education Officers and interested members between March 14th and 19th. Sign up using the form on the right if you're interested in attending and learning more about the chances for your University and your fellow students.

After you register, you'll receive an email confirmation with the link to the webinar and the final date and time. We will select a time that accommodates the largest number of EMSA members as possible.

As Education Officers you have an unique opportunity to introduce new medical learning tools; we are excited to support you and your fellow students in testing our platform.

Most of our Physicians used AMBOSS for their own licensing exams, clerkship preparation abroad or continue to rely on it as their clinical companion in the wards.

We believe in empowering representatives and engaged students to share new tools with their colleagues, especially when they can improve both the way we study and our lives as medical professionals.

With this webinar you get the chance to discuss your ideas with our physicians regarding Test Campus Licenses & you will get a detailed tour with inside views on AMBOSS.

Check it out for yourself below!

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