Bond Group Discount


Last updated 9:00AM, Wednesday August 1st

Congratulations, your group reached 50+ sign ups
Everyone who signs up now will automatically get 50% off AMBOSS Plus!

How does it work?
Add your name to the group by midnight Wednesday August 1st.

On Thursday, depending on the number of students in your group, we will open the group discount for you to purchase your discounted AMBOSS access!

5 person group =  15% off
20 person group = 30% off
50+ person group = 50% off

Normal price:

6 months Plus = $235 USD
12 months Plus = $365 USD
24 Months Plus = $730 USD
Student Life = $765 USD

If 50 students sign up, the prices are as follows:

6 Months: $115 USD
12 Months: $182 USD
24 Months: $365 USD
Student Life: $480 USD

(Student Life gives you access until graduation, up to 6 years access; especially recommended for students with more than 2 years left; maximum discount on Student Life is 30%)

Register for the Discount Here!

Length of Access Wanted:
(Can select more than one and decide later which one to purchase)
(e.g. different length wanted?)

The more registrations, the bigger the discount, so make sure to let your friends know!


If you purchased AMBOSS access within the last 30 days, you can still be part of this group discount. After you get your discounted access, we'll reimburse you the cost of your last purchase. 

"I used AMBOSS towards the end of my fifth year as I approached my barrier exams.

The fact that AMBOSS has questions that relate to specific learning cards means that it is easy to revise a topic after studying it to make sure I had a complete understanding."

- Lily Hollis-Sando, University of Adelaide