Maximizing Your Question Banks

QBank-usage strategies for a successful USMLE preparation

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Date: 20 Aug, 9 AM EDT (UTC –4)

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Content of the workshop

  • The structure and logic of USMLE questions and techniques on how to break down clinical-case-questions and consistently work out the correct answers.
  • How to best integrate Question Banks into your USMLE study planand how to leverage them to maximize your learning.
  • How to put these strategies in practice–demonstrated on actual USMLE-style questions.


Dr. Joel Ramirez

Director of
Medical School Tutoring
at MedSchoolCoach

Dr. Ryan Colaço

Medical Editor &
Physician Lead–IMG Affairs

Why attend?

  • Chance to learn from a leading USMLE tutor, who–along with his team–helps numerous students successfully ace the USMLE steps every year.
  • Chance to learn directly from an AMBOSS Physician, who has written hundreds of NBME-style questions for AMBOSS and can provide invaluable insight into the exam from an exam-writers’ perspective.
  • All those  who attend  the webinar live will get a chance to ask their questions directly to both these field experts and a chance to win themselves some AMBOSS and MedSchoolCoach discounts!

Is it for you?

  •  If you are a student, who is preparing for, or even considering, applying for US residency through the USMLE … Then, quite simply, YES!
  • This workshop is meant to benefit any student – whether at the start of their preps, deep within the dedicated phase, or anywhere in between.

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Happy to help

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