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Live Webinar

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Date: July 9th, 8:00PM (GMT+8)

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At 8:00pm (GMT+8) on July 9th, 2021 AMBOSS will host a live, interactive webinar for all medical students from Emilio Aguinaldo College School of Medicine.

Content of the workshop

  • Study strategies, resource choices, and tips that have been proven by research that strongly correlates with higher test scores.
  • The critical basics of how to effectively integrate AMBOSS questions and its powerful Library into your medical studies and exam preparation.
  • A live quiz, during the workshop, which can win you up to 3-months of full AMBOSS access!


Farhan Mar’i Isa (Physician and Partnership Manager – Asia)

Why attend?

  • Chance to learn directly from an AMBOSS Physicianwho is part of a global team that helps thousands of medical students to study smarter, and score higher!
  • Chance to explore AMBOSS—a world leading medical resource, which covers multiple needs for a successful exam-prep into one proven platform.

Is it for you?

  • This workshop will benefit any medical student, whether you are an incoming freshman or an intern about to enter your rotations!

How do I participate?

To participate, you will need to:

  • Sign up for the workshop by clicking on the “Register now” button
  • After signing up, you will receive the details of the workshop (webinar link, time and date) at the same email address, with which you have registered
  •  On the allotted time and date, please click on the link in the email and join
  • Details about any additional offers or discounts will be explained live during the workshop

What is AMBOSS?

Created and written by a team of dedicated physicians, AMBOSS is an interactive library of over 20,000 medical topics interlinked with a Question Bank with nearly 5,000 clinical case-based questions. With all the necessary resources in one place, AMBOSS delivers up-to-date medical knowledge to students, physicians, and faculty around the world..

What Makes AMBOSS Unique?

  • 1,200+ peer-reviewed articles that cover over 20,000 preclinical and clinical topics
  • Individual performance analytics that help you make the most of your time
  • 5,000+ clinical case-based questions that will help you prepare for any exam
  • Subject and exam-specific study plans that encourage you to stay on track
  • An integrated app that allows you to take AMBOSS anywhere, with or without WiFi

Many students in the Philippines are already using AMBOSS to support their everyday studies and to prepare for their exams.
We hope that you’ll take this opportunity to join them and try out the world’s leading medical knowledge platform for free.


I first heard about AMBOSS while attending a national conference. The platform is perfect alongside making clinical formulations and coming up with differential diagnoses. This was a platform I’ve never heard about before, and right after learning about it I could no longer live without. AMBOSS is now my go-to reference whenever I’m in the hospital, and my study buddy for exams. My only regret is that I wish I had known about it sooner!

Maxine Caindec - Cebu, The Philippines

University of Cebu College of Medicine

AMBOSS gives me on-the-go medical knowledge. It is comprehensive and very helpful because it doesn’t require WiFi.

Dianne Formeloza - Valenzuela, The Philippines

Our Lady of Fatima University

AMBOSS is a very comprehensive resource with an all-encompassing library and Qbank. From my point of view, AMBOSS is the best choice for medical students to build up their medical knowledge.

Ricky Chandra - Medan, Indonesia

University of Sumatera Utara

When I found out about Amboss I was amazed by the platform that covers me throughout my medical education, a very useful reference when I am looking for any medical fact, with thousands of questions for preparing for the board and shelf exams. Everything I have been looking for, all in one place.

Abdallah Elsaeed - Cairo, Egypt

Ain Shams University

Study smarter with these features


Reveal what’s important
Memorize the most important facts
by turning on built-in highlights, to scan
and focus on relevant information.


Explore visually
Retain more information using thousands
of charts, x-rays and images with digital overlays
that illustrate key diagnostic points, structures
and systems.

Attending Physician

Learn constructively
Stuck? Get clues for approaching the questions,
and develop skills not just in finding correct answers
but in creatively defining your solutions.

Dynamic Depth

Examine closely
Organize a personal study plan that
synchronizes questions and articles,
allowing you to test your knowledge and
expand it, all in one place.


Measure up
Sort custom Qbank sessions by difficulty
level, and reveal statistics about how others
answered so you can compare scores.

Happy to help

If you have any questions about using AMBOSS at your university or with your colleagues, feel free to send us a message at hello@amboss.com.