AMBOSS Webinar

Essential Guidance on Preparing for USMLE

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Date: November 18, 12pm (CET)

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Content of the webinar

  • How to effectively use the AMBOSS Qbank and Library to prepare for the USMLE
  • Study strategies and test-taking tips from AMBOSS physicians to study smarter, not harder
  • Techniques on how to break down USMLE-style clinical case-based questions from actual IMGs

Presenters: Dr. Tanner Schrank, Dr. Ryan Colaço, Dr. Dan Levi 

Why attend?

  •  Learn directly from AMBOSS Physicianswho are part of a global team that helps thousands of IMGs score higher year after year!
  • Explore AMBOSS—a leading USMLE study resource, which prepares students to succeed on the USMLE with a comprehensive platform.
  • Attendees also get a chance to win special prizes throughout the webinar and try out the platform for free.

Is it for you?

  • If you are preparing for, or even considering, the USMLE then, quite simply, YES!
  • This webinar will benefit any student planning to prepare for the USMLE and trying to understand how AMBOSS could help them in their aim to score higher.

How do I participate?

  • Sign up for the webinar through the form above.
  • After signing up, you will receive the details of the webinar via email.
  • On the allotted time and date, please click on the link in the email and join!

Happy to help

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