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USMLE Workshops

Free USMLE Guidance for
International Medical Graduates

Recorded on
Feb. 19th

Step 2 CS Cancellation : The impact on IMGs

Presenters: Dr. Dan Levi, Dr. Syed Naqvi 


  • The specifics about the Step 2 CS cancellation announcement: What are the implications for IMGs?
  • Experts’ opinion: How will the abolishing of the Step 2 CS affect IMGs and their chances of matching into US Residency?
  • What should you, as an IMG, think and do in reaction to this significant change, so as to ensure a successful USMLE journey?

Duration : 37 minutes

Recorded on
Mar. 5th

Dissecting USMLE Questions and QBank strategies

Presenter: Dr. Dan Levi (AMBOSS)


  • The structure and logic of USMLE questions and how they differ from the questions one faces during local university exams
  • How you use QBanks at different phases of USMLE preparation can drastically affect your scores. Learn how to choose your best QBank-usage strategy!

Duration : 47 minutes

Recorded on Mar. 19th

Essential USMLE Prep Strategies

Presenter: Dr. Syed Naqvi (AMBOSS)


  • The critical basics of how to effectively integrate AMBOSS questions and its powerful Library into your USMLE-prep plans—to give yourself your best shot at getting better Step scores
  • Guidance on the features and hidden tricks that will help you make the best use of your AMBOSS access and will ensure higher Step scores

Duration : 35 minutes

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