USMLE prep strategies for IMGs

Perspectives from a recently matched IMG

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Content of the workshop

  • The structure and logic of USMLE questions and how they differ from the questions one faces during local university exams
  • Study strategies, resource choices, and tips for better scores from a recent IMG who has recently successfully matched into US residency
  • Techniques on how to break down clinical-case-questions and consistently work out the correct answers using AMBOSS


Dr. Janani Rajkumar
(Step 1 – 259; Step 2 – 263)
Matched to Pediatrics residency at Oregon Health & Science University

Dr. Ryan Colaço
Medical Editor &
IMG Affairs Manager – AMBOSS – Berlin HQ

Why attend?

  • Chance to learn from the experience of an accomplished IMG who has scored high (260+) on the USMLE recently and has matched into US Residency.
  • Chance to learn directly from an AMBOSS Physician, who has written hundreds of NBME-style questions for AMBOSS and can provide invaluable insight into the exam from an exam-writers’ perspective.
  • All the attendees get the chance to get AMBOSS access at a heavy discounted price, through the special “Workshop attendees’ discount” initiative

Is it for you?

  • If you are preparing for, or even considering, the USMLE (or any other competitive exam with clinical-application-based MCQs) … Then, quite simply, YES!
  • This workshop is meant to benefit any student – whether at the start of their preps, deep within the dedicated phase (trying to improve speed and efficiency for the actual exam), or anywhere in between.

How do I participate?

  • The workshop will be done remotely and will be streamed to YouTube on the aforementioned date and time.

To participate, you will need to:

  • Sign up for the workshop through this form
  • After signing up, you will receive the details of the workshop (YouTube link, time and date), via email, to the email ID that you register with
  • On the allotted time and date, please click on the YouTube link in this email and join.

Happy to help

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