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AMBOSS can help international medical students to prepare comprehensively for the International Foundation of Medicine (IFOM®) Basic Science Exam (BSE) and Clinical Science Exam (CSE).

The IFOM® exams are standardized, objective exams that are used in various countries (Ukraine, Lebanon, and Qatar, among others) as an international standard to measure the academic performance of their medical graduates

The IFOM® exams are developed and conducted by the National Board of Medical Examiners® (NBME®), which also administers the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®). The curriculum and question styles for the IFOM Basic Science Exam (BSE) and Clinical Science Exam (CSE) are analogous to those of the USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) exams but are adapted to international medical conventions.

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The IFOM® BSE tests the examinee’s ability to understand and apply knowledge from the preclinical curriculum to the practice of medicine. The exam consists of 160 clinical scenario-based multiple-choice questions covering the following subjects:

  • Anatomy
  • Biochemistry
  • Histology and Cell Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Organ Systems
  • Pathology
  • Pharmacology
  • Physiology

AMBOSS offers access to more than 2500 case-based multiple-choice questions on the entire basic sciences curriculum.

All the content is expertly written by an editorial team of over 50 doctors strictly according to the content guidelines of the National Board of Medical Examiners® (NBME®).

The AMBOSS library and question-bank cover all the tested subjects to help you prepare comprehensively for the IFOM Basic Science Examination.

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The IFOM® CSE tests the examinee’s ability to apply and integrate clinical knowledge during real-life examination scenarios. The test consists of 160 case-based multiple-choice questions covering the clinical sciences, with the following subjects:

  • Family Medicine
  • Medicine
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Surgery

AMBOSS can offer you over 2,200 questions covering the clinical sciences including the above subjects, all integrated with a detailed, corresponding learning card from the Knowledge Library.

All the content is optimised to provide our users with a closely representative and complete preparation for any NBME®-administered exam.

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Retaining knowledge will be easier with our personal assessment tools. The Learning Radar feature will mark information in red that you need to work harder on. Personalised Study Recommendations based on study objectives provide a breakdown showing how much time to spend with each Learning Card.


Study during your downtime or on-the-go, even offline. Time management is a piece of cake with our Question Bank and Knowledge apps for iOS and Android. Practice going through questions while on your commute to the clinic,  or in your downtime.

Enable the Highlighting Tool in any question stem or turn on High-Yield Mode in the Learning Cards to immediately see the most important information relevant for any topic. This condensed information helps you remember what you need to know for exam day.

Use real clinical data to get the big picture on any disease or condition. Both the Question Bank and Knowledge Library feature charts, X-rays with overlays, videos, SmartZoom samples and other images that illustrate key points on different topics.

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