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Created by a team of dedicated physicians, AMBOSS is an interactive library of 20,000+ medical topics interlinked with a Question Bank with nearly 5,000 clinical case-based questions. With all the necessary resources in one place, AMBOSS delivers up-to-date medical knowledge to students, physicians, and faculty around the world.

Until 10 August 2020, medical students at the UAEU College of Medicine and Health Sciences can participate in a FREE Campus Trial with full access to AMBOSS. Below, you’ll find important information about AMBOSS, activating your Campus Trial access and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

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Step-by-Step guide to activate

1. Login to your AMBOSS account, or create an account here. If you already have an account, proceed to the next step.

2. Click on the “Account” icon on the left-hand side of your dashboard.  Then under “Institutional Licenses”,  click “Activate Now”.

3. Select “United Arab Emirates University College of Medicine and Health Sciences” from the dropdown under Campus License and the click on Campus License to send your request to join.

4. Follow the steps for verifying you are a member of UAEU by providing your school email address in the format “@uaeu.ac.ae” and clicking the Campus License button again to submit. You should immediately receive an email with a confirmation link to complete your activation.

5. You’ll then have unlimited access to AMBOSS until 10 August 2020.


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Frequently Asked Questions

+ What does this Campus Trial mean?

With this Campus Trial you have unlimited access to our Knowledge Library and Question Bank until the above-mentioned date.

+ If I register for this Campus Trial, will my personal statistics (study summary) be deleted?

No, no need to worry! All your personal statistics will be retained in your account.

+ Is the access really free for me?

Yes! By activating your AMBOSS Campus Trial, you’ll get unlimited access to our Question Bank and Knowledge Library.

+ Who is AMBOSS made for?

AMBOSS is a learning system designed for your whole medical career. Medical students, residents and physicians can use the library as an easily navigable reference tool for their pre-clinical and clinical work and preparations for exams with an integrated clinical case-style question bank.

+ Who writes the medical content in AMBOSS?

The AMBOSS content is written by an international team of over 70 physicians, using feedback from medical students. The editorial team ensures that each article meets our highest standards of quality with respect to content, structure, and style. Entries are reviewed by at least three medical professionals and one copyeditor before being published.

Happy to Help

We’re here at hello@amboss.com if you run into problems or have any questions.