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Courses provide multi-media learning content combined with exam-style self assessment for core subjects of the clinical sciences curriculum.

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We’re here to support your students and help them continue their semester successfully, despite the current circumstances. Our goal is to provide free certificates to those who complete AMBOSS’ online courses to count towards their coursework.

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The semester can continue for institutions and their students with AMBOSS online courses! Here’s how they can stay on track:

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Classroom teaching will be limited or not possible at many universities worldwide in the coming months but the responsibility to train students is more important than ever. To support medical  schools during this crisis and its unprecedented disruption, AMBOSS is launching comprehensive Online Courses within the platform for no additional cost.

AMBOSS is the leading digital learning platform supporting comprehensive medical education in the US and Germany, where 50% of medical students are active users already and over 100 institutions, such as NYU School of Medicine, trust AMBOSS for supporting preclinical and clinical training.

Courses, newly available from AMBOSS, offer guided study for core subjects/classes of the basic science and clinical clerkship curriculum. Students can follow a day-by-day, stepwise approach with daily readings and summative topical questions, presented in the style of vignettes appropriate for the content and the students’ exposure to the medical curriculum.

Students who fulfil Course requirements will receive a certificate of completion. Several of our institutional partners have already developed milestones using our Courses to support curricular objectives during this period of disruption.

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