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Winners will be randomly selected from the list of participants who took the quiz only during the mentioned time window. We are happy to give everyone the possibility to win our prizes, regardless of their performance!

For the second year in a row, AMBOSS will be at MEDICS in association with SOMS. We are pleased to support MEDICS and its participants again!

We all know that the current scenario has been forcing us to online events and Zoom calls. Therefore, we have come up with an alternative idea – a quiz to make our participation more interactive and fun for you! To learn more please read the “About the Quiz” section below!

About the Quiz

On Friday, April 16, from 5 pm CET to 8 pm CET, you will have the chance to take our AMBOSS Quiz and win one of the prizes you see on the page.

Below you can see buttons corresponding to the year of study you are in. Please go to the corresponding quiz and once you click it, you will be redirected to a timed quiz with 20 questions or so. Keep in mind, the quiz is already available, but you will have to complete it between 5 to 8 pm CET on April 16. Only students who finish the quiz during that time slot will be considered for the prizes!

*To take the quiz, you will have to log in to your account or create one here. Make sure to redeem the code you will receive once you sign up above to be able to finish the quiz!