Essential Study Guide
for Canadian Med Students


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Dear Canadian Medical Students,

AMBOSS thought of you and created the Essential Guide for Canadian Medical Students to help you study smarter. This guide is made for every student – from the very first day of medical school until the last. In it, you’ll find the following:

  • A comprehensive checklist of all the medical topics you will need to know before completing medical school in Canada, made in accordance with official guidelines
  • Excellent resources for excelling in preclinical medicine
  • Expert tips and tricks for preparing for the MCCQE Part I

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What is AMBOSS?

AMBOSS is a medical learning platform that helps students around the world to study smarter and score higher in their exams. Designed and curated by over 60 international physicians, AMBOSS uses intelligent learning features to guide you through your studies and into your medical career. The platform is available in English or German – and is completely customisable to your needs!

What does AMBOSS offer?

  • A comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge library covering over 20,000 medical topics.
  • A question bank of more than 4,000 case-based questions with interactive visuals and learning tools which improve knowledge retention.
  • An analysis section that tracks your progress to identify strengths, weaknesses and knowledge gaps.

What is the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination?

The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) is the two-part official evaluation which assesses medical graduates’ ability to practise medicine in Canada.  You must take and pass both the MCCQE Part I and the MCCQE Part 2 to obtain the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC). The MCCQE Part I  examines participants’ medical knowledge and clinical decision-making ability in 210 multiple choice questions. The MCCQE Part 2 is a two-day examination that consists of evaluations at a series of clinical stations.

The exam consists of two parts: a multiple choice question (MCQ) written exam, and a clinical skills component.

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I use AMBOSS because the interactive library allows me to stay focused while learning medicine. The question bank is full of many challenging questions that helped me pass my clinical exams!

Daniel Evans

Memorial University of Newfoundland

I am very impressed with the quality of the questions and the learning experience. I highly recommend everyone to use AMBOSS as a tool to enhance your medical knowledge.

Oumkaltoum Harati

University of Montreal

Study smarter with these features


Reveal what’s important
Memorize the most important facts
by turning on built-in highlights, to scan
and focus on relevant information.


Explore visually
Retain more information using thousands
of charts, x-rays and images with digital overlays
that illustrate key diagnostic points, structures
and systems.

Attending Physician

Learn constructively
Stuck? Get clues for approaching the questions,
and develop skills not just in finding correct answers
but in creatively defining your solutions.

Dynamic Depth

Examine closely
Organize a personal study plan that
synchronizes questions and articles,
allowing you to test your knowledge and
expand it, all in one place.


Measure up
Sort custom Qbank sessions by difficulty
level, and reveal statistics about how others
answered so you can compare scores.

Happy to help

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