The AMBOSS 100-Day Study Plan

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Subjects you'll find in the AMBOSS 100-Day Study Plan:

Medicine - Paediatrics - Genetics - Dermatology - Anaesthesiology - Surgery - Trauma - O & G - Urology - ENT - Neurology - Psychiatry - Pharmacology

Study Smarter, Score Higher

with the AMBOSS 100-Day Study Plan

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After many years studying medicine…

most medical students have to take one big final medical exam to prove they are ready to work as doctors. For written exams, you might have to study every day over several months. With AMBOSS, even this stressful phase becomes smarter and more fun.

We studied for medical state exams ourselves and have all the expertise to help you prepare in a way that we wish we could have. Based on our experience with the German, United States and international state exams, we created a learning plan that will help you revise the most important topics of Medicine to prepare for your final exams with ease. The AMBOSS Study Plan provides you with a clear structure and concise medical knowledge that will help you in both, written and oral exams.

Scroll below, and you will find professionally written Learning Cards covering subjects in your final medical exams, such as Internal Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Anaesthesiology, Surgery and more! Each day in the study plan contains a series of Learning Cards linked to case-based questions to test you on your medical knowledge.

The AMBOSS 100-Day Study Plan
Revision guide for your final medical exams

For each day of the AMBOSS Study Plan, you will find a list of in-depth Learning Cards for your major medical subjects from our knowledge library. Each Learning Card is integrated with case-based multiple choice questions – tailored to the content you study.

Putting students in these clinical scenarios asks them to apply medical knowledge for the most important topics, and ensures that they possess the clinical medical knowledge to rock their final exams.

  • The most important conditions of Internal Medicine (36 study days)
  • The most important conditions of Surgery (11 study days)
  • Adjustable to your time schedule
  • Corresponding multiple choice questions for all major medical topics
  • Case-based questions to prepare for patient case study exams
  • Open time slots to tackle your weaknesses and regional focus topics
  • Study on-the-go with the AMBOSS apps for iOS and Android

Day 1-36: Study Internal medicine

Day 28 and 29: Revision Internal Medicine

No learning cards today! Use the day to revise whatever topics you had trouble with the last few days. We also set up a set of questions for to answer today as revision of the last few days.

Start Internal Medicine questions for revision I

Start Internal Medicine questions for revision II

Day 36: Revision Infectiology

That was a tough chapter, right? Take some time to revise all those bugs that you had trouble memorizing. You can also take this day to have a closer look at infectious diseases that are especially common in your specific region.

Start Start Infectious Diseases/ Infectiology and hygiene questions for revision

Day 37-46: Study Paediatrics

Day 45 and 46: Revision Paediatrics

Congratulations, you are almost halfway through! Take two days to read through any topic from Paediatrics that was difficult for you. Check your knowledge with our Paediatrics question sets:

Start Start Paediatrics questions for revision I

Start Paediatrics questions for revision II

Day 47: Study Genetics

Day 48-51: Study Dermatology

You’re halfway. Keep going!

Day 52-54: Study Anaesthesiology, emergency medicine

Day 55-59: Study Surgery

Day 60-65: Study Trauma and orthopedic surgery

Day 66-71: Study Gynecology and obstetrics (O & G)

Day 70 and 71: Revision Gynecology and obstetrics

Amazing work! You are getting closer and closer to finally being a doctor! Today, take some time to go through the ObGyn topics of the last days again and don’t forget to do some questions, too.

Start Gynecology and obstetrics questions for revision I

Start Gynecology and obstetrics questions II

Day 72-74: Study Urology

Day 75-76: Study Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Day 77-78: Study Ophthalmology

Day 79-86: Study Neurology

Day 86: Revision Neurology

Only two weeks left to go! You’re doing great!  Neurology is a really tough subject, so take some time today to address your weaknesses.

Start Neurology questions for revision

Day 87-91: Study Psychiatry

Day 92-96: Study Pharmacology

Day 97: Study Radiology, Occupational and environmental medicine, Social medicine

Day 98-100: Study Legal medicine, Pathology, Epidemiology

Day 100: Nothing!

You’ve done it! Congratulations! Today you deserve  a day of only the things you love and that help you keep calm. You are well prepared and we are sure you will be surprised by your own achievements in your final exam! Best of luck!

Congratulations! You’ve made it. Keep Calm and Study On!

Best wishes from everyone at AMBOSS!