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University of New England Group Discount

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Payment for this group discount closes Wednesday, 8 November. 

However, you can activate your year of access at any time after purchase! :)

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You do not need to activate the code straight away - we know you guys have holidays coming up, so if it works best for you to activate your code in January - that's fine! 


Congratulations! You reached the number of sign-ups to get 15% off the already discounted price!

AMBOSS is a medical learning platform offering a challenging Qbank and an integrated library with resources covering 15,000+ clinical knowledge area and over 1700 multiple choice questions optimized for the clinical years.

AMBOSS Unlimited Access:

  • Unlimited access to the clinical knowledge library

  • Unlimited access to our Qbank

  • All releases and new content for the length of your subscription

  • Online and offline access via desktop, iOS and Android OS

  • A clinical knowledge library with thousands of images, topics and terms

  • Definitive Qbank which helps you do more than review for exams

  • Study analysis that tracks and pinpoints knowledge gaps to help you raise exam scores

  • Daily content updates from our team of 50+ physicians

  • New topics being released on a weekly basis 

If you already have access to AMBOSS, this year-package will be added to the end of your current access, even if you activate the code straight away - so don't worry about losing the access you currently have!

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